Press Releases

Below are links to recordings of radio interviews featuring the MSU Extension Firewise program that originally aired during summer 2012.

Listen to Kirk Heinze, host of Greening of Michigan’s Great Lakes, interview MSU Extension Firewise project director Elaine Bush on August 2nd about the MSU Extension Firewise program, the unusual weather conditions this summer that are contributing to increased wildfire risk, the new state fireworks law, tips for campfires and other outdoor burning as well as simple steps residents can take to reduce wildfire risk to their homes and  property.  

Then listen to Jed Jaworski, Manistee County Firewise staff , interviewed June 8th on Points North, Interlochen Public Radio’s weekly call-in show where Jaworski explains what home and property owners can do to lessen their risk of damage and destruction when a wildfire occurs.

Helpful tips and wildfire-related information can be found in the previously published press releases below.

  • Choose Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials.pdf
  • Dont Become A Statistic- Learn To Prevent Wildfires.pdf
  • Firewise Program Helps Save Lives And Reduce Property Loss.pdf
  • Keep Home Accessible To Emergency Vehicles.pdf
  • Learn to Limit Fire Risk During Wildfire Prevention Week.pdf
  • Limit Yard Vegetation To Prevent Wildfire Spread.pdf
  • Manage Backyard Fires To Avoid Damage And Fines.pdf
  • State Law Requires Burning Permits For Open Fires.pdf
  • Use Legal Burn Barrels To Prevent Wildfires.pdf